[Erp5-dev] problem installing accounting template

Jerome Perrin jerome at nexedi.com
Sat Jan 7 14:22:18 CET 2006

On (04/01/06 09:08), Bartek Gorny wrote:
> On 1/4/06, Jérôme Perrin <jerome at nexedi.com> wrote:
> > Le Mercredi 4 Janvier 2006 13:42, Bartek Gorny a écrit:
> > > Hi
> > >
> > > While installing accounting template on a LiveCD, I'm getting the
> > > following error:
> > >
> > > InvoiceTransactionRule_asCellRange() got an unexpected keyword
> > > argument 'base_id'
> > > (error report attached).
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > This should be fixed in CVS.
> Ooops - I got it today from the URL:
> http://openbrick.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/*checkout*/erp5_bt5/erp5_accounting.bt5?rev=HEAD&amp;content-type=text/plain
> I thought it checks out the newest revision?

This URL checks out the latest version of erp5_bt5/erp5_accounting.bt5, which
was the first version of business template format, where only one file was
exported. This URL is therefore obsolete, I guess it cames from BT dowload
section in www.erp5.org website, which needs an update.

> Another thing: could you remind me how to install a bt checked out
> from CVS? I tried to tar-gzip a directory into a file with .bt5
> extension and then importing the file, but it gives an 'invalid
> header' error - so what was the trick to do it?

The old one-click download procedure is currently unavailable, one solution is
to checkout the business template from cvs in a directory, go to your ERP5
site's portal_templates and download business template, giving a file:// URL to
the directory where you checked the BT out.


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